Nature Valley

Project Status : Ongoing
Location : Adjacent to Narayankhed Municipality & Mandal, Sangareddy District, Telangana.

Project Overview

Welcome to Nature Valley, it’s a 250 Acres of Agroforestry Farmland (First of it's kind Model Project in South India) Venture of Bharat Nirman Limited, the venture is being planned at the adjacent of Narayankhed Town, Sangareddy District, Telangana; along the Narayankhed-Kangti Main Road and just 1km from Municipality limits, it’s a perfect farmland location on a hilltop as well as a great place and soil to yield high returns on land investment. The look and feel is very joyful and every plot of the venture provides a stunning view of the Narayankhed Town in just a kilometer in aerial distance. This is a perfect choice for family weekend on a beautiful hilly location.

From the investor point of view, our Nature Valley Farmland Venture is not just climate friendly but also profitable immensely. For sustainable and guaranteed returns, we focus on 3 types of plantations, i.e. short-term, mid-term and long-term yielding plantation as mentioned above where involve low investment to fetch high returns.

Why Should You Invest Here?

  • High Land Appreciation Area,
  • Its not just a Farmland - Its an Agroforestry Farmland,
  • Near 13,000 Acres NIMZ, 6 Lane Nanded National Highway, Bidar Airport, Adjacent to Narayankhed Municipality and Many More Advantages,
  • Farmland with the Combination of 50 Highly Demanded Plants per Gunta (i.e. Mahogany, Agarwood, Sandalwood, Redsandal Wood, Malabar Neem, Jetropha as a Main Crop & Hop Shoots and Aloe Vera as an Intercrop),
  • First of its kind "Carbon Credits" Integration for Additional Income from 3rd Year,
  • 14 Times Guaranteed Returns on Investment in 14 Years,
  • One Time Investment - Zero Maintenance Charges,
  • 6, 12, 18 & 24 Months Intrest-Free EMI Facility Available,
  • Free Lifetime "Planeteers" Clubhouse Membership worth ₹ 50,000/-,
  • 3 Lakhs worth of Health Insurance & 25 Lakhs worth of Life Insurance @ Free of Cost for 14 Years,
  • Revenue Sharing @ 70% to the Plot Owner & 30% to the Company,
  • Registered Society/Association (an FPO / Farmer Producer Organization) will be Formed for Transparent & Secured Transactions, and also for the Timely Completion of the Developments as scheduled,
  • In case of Emergency, you can avail our Buy-Back arrangement to sell your plot at Appropriate Market Price at anytime through us,
  • Farmland Amenities?

  • Grand Entrance Arch,
  • 1Km Dedicated Private Corridor with Avenue Plantation,
  • Periphery Plantation for all Plots and also Entire Venture,
  • 33 Feet Main Roads & 20 Feet Sub-Roads are Completely with Metal,
  • 4 Acres Clubhouse/Association Building with so many amenities,
  • HT Transformers & Open Electricity Lines,
  • 7 No's of Submersible Borewells,
  • 100+ RCC Benches along the all Road Sides,
  • Goshala with 50 to 60 Desi Cows,
  • Street Lights Across the Main Roads & Sub Roads,
  • Gunman Security from 3rd Year onwards,
  • ATV Trekking & Cycling Provision,
  • Every Plot will be Geotagged from 1st year and Every Plant will be enabled with Microchip from 3rd year onwards,
  • 10 No's of Tree Houses in Different Locations of the Venture,
  • 10 No's of Workmen Quarters,
  • 2 Layered Israel Model Drip Irrigation System (One is for Water supply and another one is to supply Fertilizers & Pesticides) with 10 Lakh/1 Million Liters Water Storage Sump,
  • 2 Layered High Security Fencing's (One is Solar Electrified outside and another one with the combination of Barbed-wire & Chain-link inside) around the total Venture with Watch Towers & Floodlights in all of the site corners,
  • The total Venture will be covered by more than 50 CCTV Cameras round the clock and Live Telecast will be provided to the Customers through Mobile App,
  • Location Highlights?

  • NIMZ at just 18km away,
  • Singur Reservoir at just 10km away,
  • Bidar Airport at just 28km away,
  • Mahindra & Mahindra at just 40km away,
  • Narayankhed Town at just 1km away,
  • Sangameshwara Basaveshwara Lift Irrigation Project at just 8km away,
  • 6 Lane Hyderabad-Nanded National Highway at just 13km away,
  • Complete 60 Feet Dambar Road until the Venture,
  • Clubhouse Amenities?

  • 24 No's of Luxury Guest Rooms,
  • 50 Seater Mini Theatre with Reclining Seats & Private Qube Link,
  • 25KL Overhead Water Tank,
  • Indoor & Outdoor Gams,
  • Children Playground,
  • Skating Track,
  • Men & Women Separate Swimming Pools,
  • Pool Front Landscaping,
  • 1/2 Acre Medicinal Plantation,
  • 1/2 Acre Floral Garden,
  • Yoga/Meditation Hall,
  • World-Class Mini AC Gym,
  • 100 Members Capacity Function Hall, and many more...
  • Key Features & Prospects?

    Proud Land Owner:
    Become a Proud Land Owner today with a Small Amount which will yield Exponential Returns in no time. Take advantage of Low Investment Opportunity today. The Plot will get Registered/Sale Deed on Your Name through Dharani, Pattadar Passbook will be issued. You will be eligible for State & Central Govt. benefits like Rythu Bandhu & Rythu Bima.
    Appreciation on Land:
    With the expansion of city boundaries, the Land Appreciation Value increasing Drastically. Grab the Opportunity today and Multiply your Wealth.
    Safety of Investment:
    We're a Public Limited Company and Trustworthy Corporate Agroforestry Farmlands Developer for Safe & Secured Investments. A highly valuable plantation which returns high dividends to your money.
    High Returns:
    Reap your Investments with 14X Profits in 14 years while Farm Maintenance and Management at Free of Cost. Be a Landlord with Consistent Improvement in Land Value too, so that you can be rest-assured High Returns with Huge Appreciation on Land Value.
    Registration of the Plants:
    1st Time ever in the Hyderabad Real Estate History, we being a Public Limited Company, registering all the Plants & Saplings in the Name of the Plot owner, thus the Plot owner can be assured that their Plants/Future Trees (which is very costly) are legally his/her own without any future obligations.

    Price & Payments

  • 1 Gunta (121 Sq. Yards) at just ₹ 1.6 Lakh & 5 Guntas (605 Sq. Yards) at 7.7 Lakh only (Limited Period Pre-Launch Offer),
  • Booking Amount Starts from ₹ 1999/- only,
  • 25% Downpayment for Agreement of Sale,
  • For Balance 75% you can avail Interest Free EMI Options,
  • Spot Registration (within 15 days) you can avail 5% Special Discount,
  • 5% Additional Discount for: Covid Front Line Warriors, Navy, Air Force & Army Staff.

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