Agent Benefits

A Bharat Nirman Limited agent is the person who advice's his/her investors on their future investment plans to get more and more secured returns from land, also fulfilling their family and children dreams. Our agents are the highest earning real estate professionals of our Telugu states. There are many agents who have been consistently earning more than ₹ 1 crore per annum. The average gross income of more than 30% of Bharat Nirman agents is over ₹ 12 lakhs per annum. It is not a onetime commission on a sale made by you, unlike any other selling, Bharat Nirman offers you two different types’ commissions on farm land investments. First one is Spot and Prompt Commission when any investor invested in Bharat Nirman ventures through you. The second one is 10% of farm land yielding will be shared with you at the time of harvesting of the crop. This sharing structure in general 60% - 30% - 10% (60% to Investor, 30% to Bharat Nirman and 10% to Agent who have broughtthe investor for the particular plot), such an arrangement called as Farm Produce Commission and cannot be seen in any other real estate company in the country. Pranams to Mother Bharat Nirman; that’s why, agents who get to know this great blessing, never quit agency and keep on doing agency as long as they can. So, if you work for just few years rigorously and quit Bharat Nirman also, you will get an income from our Farm Produce Commission in future at the time of harvesting the farm land venture, the earnings may > than ₹ 1 crore (± 50%) at the harvesting time of each venture, subject to depends on your size of investors in the particular venture.

For top performers, commission is not the only earning from Bharat Nirman. The additional income comes in the form of bumper bonanzas of 2BHK residential flats and 4 wheelers through lucky-draw, family holiday tours, interest free quick loan for your son/daughter’s wedding etc... In all, you will live a life of a private company CEO, but with freedom of time and the pleasure and joy of being on your own.

Additional Benefits:

  • A Bharat Nirman agent also indirectly contributes to economic growth and financial well-being of the middle-class and lower middle-class families, pursuing their dreams and goals;
  • Club Membership: Any top performing agent can avail Bharat Nirman’s VIP Club membership for lifetime and can spend 3 nights and 4 days with family and children at every 6 months at any of our club facility which are located across our ventures with lush greens and mountain views;
  • Career Advancement: You can appoint down the level agents under your leadership, the company will provide training and conduct influence seminars for your team by industry leaders, speakers;
  • Work part time or full time;
  • Enjoy unlimited earning opportunity;
  • Bonus Commission (When your reach milestones);
  • Hereditary Commission: In case any agent died while his agency subsists, Farm Produce Commission will continue to be payable to his legal heirs or nominee provided there was a business of not < than ₹ 10 lakhs in force by the time of death.
  • Within 90 days of the appointment, every agent will be covered by Group Insurance Policy of 3 lakhs for family medical expenses and 1 Crore life cover.
  • Anybody Can Work: Marketing Professionals, Freelance Consultants, Insurance Agents, Chit Fund Agents, Bank Employees, Teachers, Housewives, Retd. Govt. Employees, Stock Brokers, 18+ old anybody can work with no age limit;
  • Why waiting for? Become an Agent of Bharat Nirman with no working capital and build your own real estate business empire by spending just 3 hours of your time in a day to settle-down solidly in your life.

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