Mission 5000

At Bharat Nirman Limited, we are driven by the principle that farm lands and real estate development has to balance, and where possible better, community development. Naturally, it is the company's vision to develop farm lands and plots in synergy with the overall development of the nature and neighborhoods infrastructure. Consequently, with sustained development of land bank at strategic locations, Bharat Nirman is looking at carving its own niche in focused real estate development with an eye of continued value-addition for its customers, investors, and stake holders.

Bharat Nirman is engaged in sustained development of land banks in highly strategic and high-potential growth corridors across the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Its business and operations are now well-established in key locations of these states. The company is fast spreading its concentration in these key areas while keeping an eye on other potential growth centers and opportunities across the country. In this context, we are in the acquisition process of 5000 acres of land bank by 2030 for our Farm Land Plotting and Agroforestry business; and we aimed to become one of the India's top 10 land bank companies in next 2 decades for the sustainability and future prosperity of the company and its complete ecosystem.