With a decade of experience in real estate, we at Bharat Nirman Limited kept one principle at the heart of our work: we are not building houses, but homes. It has shaped us. We have partnered with many reputed builders on several projects, experiencing success that positively changed the future of Bharat Nirman. We have completed almost 1 million square feet; we have grown and planned another 1 million square feet for the coming years. Most importantly, though, we are responsible for hundreds of families. We take that very seriously.

Redevelopment is the Future:

We are living in a city where space is at a premium and there is a desperate land shortage. Yet, the demand for property has not diminished. If anything, it’s increased. The only way forward is to redevelop. Redevelop old buildings, and neglected areas of the city. Make Hyderabad into the city we imagine. That can give us the life we imagine.

We know this better than anyone else. Year after year, people come to us; most of them NRI’s and give us their old houses for redevelopment. We take their buildings and modernize them so that when they move back in, now they have community podiums, gardens, a lift services, security guards, all new and a stronger structure. It’s an easier and better everyday existence in the same space. But offering your old home for redevelopment is a difficult choice. After all, you only have one home. To choose redevelopment is to move into a temporary space. It’s to trust that the building will be returned to you in a better shape - that the building will be returned to you at all. It’s scary. We understand that. But we have done this before, with exceptional results.

Your time is valuable. Getting an appointment with us is quick, hassle free and we will talk you through the process of redevelopment step by step, allaying any worries. No accolade can substitute for a job well done. We don’t skimp on materials, the tenant’s flat is the same as the buyer’s flat, and we give our best to each project. We bring projects to closure in record time, skillfully navigating the tricky Indian real estate market. Our expertise in this area is prized among our business associates.

We are unique in our focus on redevelopment as well as the value we place on our internal work culture and our relationships with our customers. All our dealings are conducted with complete honesty and transparency, with the understanding that customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal, and that our work is only the first but crucial step in redevelopment of a house that will become a home. We tell you a turnaround time we can meet. We know you shall move in a temporary accommodation, and that the wait for your home can feel long. Above all, we realise that the decision to give your home for redevelopment is both practical and emotional. When you shake our hand, you are saying that you trust us. We take that trust very seriously.

In this redevelopment segment our corporate business partners reach out to us again and again because they know we meet schedules and deadlines. They know our turnaround time is unmatched. They know we can reach solutions that escape others and we can implement them. But no accolade substitutes a job well done. We throw everything we have into making each of our building the best it can possibly be. All our projects are delivered on time and our construction cost is nearly 10-15% higher than the current market average because we don’t skimp on materials. We believe and fulfill the promises we make.

You can trust us. You will be joining more than 1,000 families that already do. Welcome to Bharat Nirman Limited.