Welcome to the Bharat Nirman Limited’s Referral Rewards Program..!

Bharat Nirman values you and your support. We believe there is no advertising that is superior to the brand advocacy of our customers and investors. Someone who has trusted us with an investment, satisfaction, and happiness is supremely important to us. And, as a token of appreciation, we would like to introduce you to the Bharat Nirman’s Referral Rewards program. .

As a fresher or as an existing customer you should feel that need to consider us for your first (or maybe even a second) property investment, you need to look no further. With multiple properties development plans the length and breadth of 6 states, Bharat Nirman has something for every Indian. From innovative farm lands development to the best residential open plots, everything you will ever need in real estate is just a phone call away.

A friend or a family member looking to buy an investment oriented property? What better advice can you give, than referring them to a Bharat Nirman’s property! They too will benefit from the expertise, trust, appreciation and of course, the thoughtfulness of Bharat Nirman.

We have fabulous referral rewards for both, you and your friends and family! But the best reward you will get is the gratitude and happiness that your friends and family will shower on you for helping them choose a Bharat Nirman property.

Reward Procedure:

Step-1: Fill up the form, by Clicking Here, and then provide the Name, Mobile Number, and Email Address of your friend or family member who wishes to invest in land.

Step-2: We will speak to your friends and family and introduce them to the world of investment opportunities. We will also not forget to inform them that since they have been referred by you, they have some very special benefits!

Step-3: Once the person you have referred buys/invested with us, you get rewarded too..! You know, surprisingly the reward would be around 20% (on farm lands investment) 10% (on open plots investment) of the sale consideration.

So, Welcome to a world of happiness  Welcome to your very own reward program. Don’t wait..! Start referring right away..!

Terms & Conditions:

  • The referrer will be rewarded when only his/her shared reference (referee) books a property in any of Bharat Nirman’s ventures.
  • Eligible referrer shall receive the reward within 30 days post registration of the property (or) on 100% payment by referee.
  • The reward release duration might extend depending upon the payment status.
  • The company holds the right to revise, extend and/or suspend the program or other related schemes without prior notice.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of Bharat Nirman Limited shall be final and binding on the both referrer and referee, and will not be subject to challenge in any court.