Joint Venture Partners

What is JV Partnership?

A real estate Joint Venture (JV) is a deal between Bharat Nirman Limited and one or more parties to work together and combine resources to develop a venture such as Apartments, Gated Community Villas, and Open Plot Ventures etc. Our most of the large and semi-large projects are funded and developed as a result of JV’s. Our JV model allows us to work with capital funding entities that can supply huge working capital for the large JV projects.

Different Beneficiaries in JV’s:

As mentioned above, our JV projects are comprised of two separate parties: The Developer (Bharat Nirman Limited) and the Owner(s) of the property. As an expert realty company we take complete responsibility for the daily operations and management of the project and its completion as scheduled. Bharat Nirman usually appoints highly experienced construction professionals from the real estate industry who able to manage complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) to develop the project. The Owner(s) of the property can enjoy the returns as per the JV Agreement(s) within the stipulated time. The sharing ratio of the JV Agreement(s) may vary from time-to-time, from location-to-location and/or depends on the feasibility of the project.

Key Aspects of the JV’s:

An important element to make when drafting the terms for a Joint Venture with Bharat Nirman Limited is how the JV Partners will distribute profits generated from the project. Compensation may not necessarily be equally distributed. For example, as a Developer of the property Bharat Nirman Limited is compensated well than passive JV partners who obviously the Owner(s) of the property. Our JV agreements are very specific and in-detail in terms of exact structure of the joint venture and the roles and responsibilities of both parties regarding the management and completion of the project successfully.

JV with Bharat Nirman - A Win-Win Solution:

A joint venture between Bharat Nirman Limited and the Owner(s) of the Property in a real estate transaction often offers greater benefits to both parties than a traditional investment and development of the project individually by the owner. The Bharat Nirman Limited expertise is coupled with the investor’s capital, which allows both parties to maximise returns and earn a greater share of the profits. It’s a win-win all around.

From an Investor Perspective:

We involve our investors in the property to put the majority of the capital investment after made the typical down payments if any, deal closing costs and minimum 3 months of a reserve fund by the Bharat Nirman Limited in exchange of ownership through the JV agreement. When we sell the property, the investor’s initial investment is repaid first along with monthly interest, then any capital Bharat Nirman have invested, and then we split the proceeds as per the ownership.

As long as we can reasonably suggest the projects; our investors are going to get extraordinary returns monthly or quarterly on their investment and they don’t have to put in any other effort, we believe it’s a fair exchange for investor and for us.

Why JV with Bharat Nirman?

The company has been scaling new heights in the Realty & Urban Infra segment since its inception. In just a decade, Bharat Nirman has built for itself an enviable position engaging in urban infrastructure development besides soaring high in new generation lifestyles in the market. The brand “Bharat Nirman” itself says our motto towards development of the nation, and our tagline “Aao Banaye Naya Bharat” speaks our commitment towards building the landmarks and world-class infrastructure.

A legacy, that is redefining Realty & Urban Infrastructure. A feat made possible due to the tremendous goodwill of a decade and the well-earned reputation of being a trust-worthy turn-around specialist who has taken over large stuck projects and made them viable and successful. Bharat Nirman Limited is known for its imaginatively conceptualized living and commercial spaces, detail-oriented planning’s and energy efficient designs. With sights set on creating benchmarks in the real estate and urban infra industry, the future will see many more sustainable and creative developments.

We invite you to join hands together in this magnificent journey of innovation and inclusive growth...

Welcome to Bharat Nirman Limited..!

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