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It’s a golden opportunity to invest into the Indian real estate sector. Especially for NRI’s there has never been a better time to invest in our real estate opportunities than now. The rupee has depreciated more than 14% in last calendar year YTD, which means a straight saving of 14% on real estate purchases or investments on overseas investment.

The Indian economy has grown leaps and bounds over the last 2 decades and is still going strong being one of the fastest developing economies in the world. The scorching pace of growth in economy has been complemented with a rapid expansion in real estate sector in Tier-I and Tier-II cities in India. However, last few years have been lack-lustre for the sector owing to inventory overhang and delivery delays.

Last 5 years, have seen systematic changes on policy front in real estate with the demonetisation initiative in Nov - 2016 and then Benami Properties Act and Real Estate Regulation Act in 2017. These policy reforms have brought in a significant improvement in the transparency and credibility of real estate sector in India. Real estate investment in India is now safe within a legal framework and jurisdiction focused on customer rights. Thereafter, the country has seen a significant improvement in demand from end-use customers and NRI investors alike. The stringent requirements of RERA have resulted in a reduction of launches and thereby reduced inventory overhang and excess supply in the market.

Key occupation centers of the country such as Hyderabad have infact, seen a rental return of upto 5% p.a. in residential property and upto 8% p.a. in commercial property, which is more than the bank saving interest.

With the above mentioned factors, the current significant depreciation of rupee presents a golden opportunity for investment into the Hyderabad’s real estate market. Hyderabad, as an established and growing IT and technology workplace is seen as one of the best beneficiaries of the current scenario. Hyderabad, in the last 2 decades has attracted talent from across the country who wants to make it their hometown due to its pleasant weather and abundance of white-collar job opportunities.

Bharat Nirman Limited is one of the leading and premium Real Estate and Agroforestry Developer from Hyderabad, India. We provide the best options for such investments. We offer a wide range of investment opportunities with extraordinary returns on investment (ROI) through our projects; in Real Estate segment both the residential and commercial in all of the prime areas of Hyderabad city with an investment starting from 10,000 USD only, apart from this the investor will get a regular interest on his/her investment until handover the position of the scheduled property; and in Agroforestry Land Bank segment in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Odisha with an investment starting from 5,000 USD only.

Whether you're looking to gain a maximum profit edge with registered land guarantee, or simply want to diversify your investments portfolio, our segment-based investment strategy can help you to find your next best investment opportunity. Because, the best investment on earth is... THE EARTH. Be a smart investor; let’s turn your small investments into huge profits - it’s easier then you think.

We invite you to join hands together in this magnificent journey of innovation and inclusive growth...

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