Trees and Forests were always considered as an integral part of the Indian culture. Planting of trees was regarded as noble acts during the ancient times. Now, due to increasing population and huge gap between demand and supply, forests were ruthlessly exploited to meet the increasing demand of fuel, fodder and timber. Hence, in the light of ever increasing demand, concept of multiple use of land with multipurpose tree species has become immensely important. In this context, Agroforestry, which is a form of multiple land use system, should be adopted and encouraged, because higher yields of crops have been observed in forest-influenced soils than in ordinary soils.

To address above issues, we at Bharat Nirman Limited launched a unique Agroforestry concept for developing wide range of Commercial and Forest Plantation in combination with short-term regular crops in dry lands where rainfall is very low. Our Agroforestry concept provides you various unique investment opportunities to achieve your financial goals and objectives while enhancing the productivity of these dry lands and improving the soil quality. Our trees and crop development systems can also play an important role towards adapting to the climate variability and important carbon sinks which helps to decrease the pressure on natural forests.

Undoubtedly, Agroforestry is a sustainable option for great returns on land investment. The Govt. of India's price policy for wood, trade policy, credit policy, subsidy policy, energy policy and forest policies are substantially encouraging the development of Agroforestry in India. It is playing a vital role in the Indian economy by way of tangible and intangible benefits. In fact, Agroforestry has high potential for simultaneously satisfying three important objectives, i.e. Protecting and Stabilizing the Ecosystem & Biodiversity, Producing a High Level of Output of Economic Goods, and Improving Urban Lifestyles through Wood Materials. At present Agroforestry meets only 25% of the demand of Fuel Wood, 1/3 of the Small Timber, 40-50% wood for Plywood, 50% raw material for Paper Pulp and 9-11% of the Green Fodder requirement of Livestock. By taking this huge difference between demand and supply in advantage, we at Bharat Nirman initiated first ever in India to develop Agroforestry Ventures to get our investors benefitted in terms of ROI with 100% security when compared with other investment options available in the market.

Bharat Nirman Limited is the India's First agroforestry development company in a scientific way to join hands in conserving world's oldest tree species, by foraying into the potential business of US $3.5 Billion in the Indian market. We are being regenerating the most demanded and endangered forest species, and also establishing the largest combination of Sandalwood, Malabar Neem (Melia Dubia), Red Sandal, Eucalyptus, Agar Wood, Silver Birch, Bamboo, Indian Aspen plantation at various suitable locations in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

We have expert teams who have more than 3 decades of experience in the field of agriculture and forest science. To manage these large extents of Agroforestry plantations we have developed latest agri techniques in which 100 acres of plot can be managed with just 3 labors, and for manures we are implementing Mr. Subhash Palekar's concept to keep farms organic and also to produce qualitative wood. In general we focus on 3 types of plantations (plant names as mentioned above) i.e. for short duration, mid-duration and long duration where involve low investments to fetch high returns for our investors.

From the investor point of view, Agroforestry is not just climate friendly but also profitable immensely. As a natural commodity, your trees grow every day, and therefore their value keeps increasing in our safe custody. Wood prices have been rising steadily for years - at a much higher pace than interest rates. Assuming a moderate increase in the price of wood at 6.5% per annum in India, it could result in a net return of around 25% per annum on your investment. Marketing tie-ups with reputed MNC's like Mysore Sandal, WIMCO, ITC, and Hindustan Paper for further processing and sale of wood directly in India through Bharat Nirman Limited on sharing basis would be a great advantage for investor. It will also helpful for investor to overcome the fluctuations if any in timber prices and loss of the customer market in future.

For further information about available Agroforestry investment schemes Click Here to download the documents. We invite you to join hands together in this magnificent journey of Green Growth. Welcome to Bharat Nirman Limited..!

Our Agroforestry Ventures

Nallamala Green Fields

Venture Type: Land Bank
₹ 7.5 Lakh/Acre
Status : Upcoming

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