Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

All human pursuits are directed towards leading a more fulfilling life. However, everything would be in vain if the community where we live is infested with negligence. In order to uplift the conditions of underprivileged people in society and render the general ambience more vibrant, we at Bharat Nirman Limited playing a meaningful role through our CSR initiative Bharat Nirman Foundation, that are a great way to celebrate the spirit of humanity wherein social welfare deeds can be carried out with a share of the profits from our business. Our avenues for executing CSR plans are numerous. What is needed is the generosity of soul, purity of intent and willingness to altruistically serve others.

We at Bharat Nirman Foundation always believed in the principle of “WHAT WE GAVE BACK TO SOCIETY RATHER THAN WHAT THE SOCIETY GAVE TO US”. With a strong belief to assist and raise the deprived sections of the society, Bharat Nirman Foundation has been actively engaged in several social welfare services. In-general we assign highest priority to education among our CSR activities, as it is one of the most important element in community development. Our regular CSR activities are as follows:

All the family members, friends and well-wishers of our promoters, directors and our investors, agents, customers and employees are actively participating in the mission of Bharat Nirman Foundation, contributing their services and fulfilling the commitments of the foundation.