Bharat Nirman Limited’s Real Estate Startup Training (REST) Program is custom designed, and we assist our realty agents to get real skills to know that, consumers require assistance in the resolution, not information. Proactively make guides for property marketing. Our real estate sales training program take a full-look at the vital side of the agent. We identify the agent skills and fill the gaps for accomplishing advanced sales close ratio.

Why Bharat Nirman?

If entrepreneurship entices the inner businessman in you or if you wish to start your own real estate business, or if you want to build your own business empire, Bharat Nirman’s Realty Agents Network offers the right opportunities for you right now! Providing essential business tools, services and support to assist you in achieving your desired goals to pursue the successful life you want.

We Gives You

  • A Powerful Brand: Bharat Nirman;
  • Professional Training with Realty Experts;
  • Cutting Edge Technology including Cloud based CRM;
  • Lifetime Free Website & Mobile App;
  • Promotional Material, Digital Marketing, Leads through: Bulk SMS, WhatsApp & Emails;
  • Personalized Marketing Support through 24/7 Call Center; and many more...

The Brand

Bharat Nirman, a brand that is leading real estate marketing in both the Telugu states with a reputation built through a decade of excellence with extensive promotion. The brand gives you the power of networking along with professional and technological support for great personal promotion to create a compelling competitive edge to maximize your real estate business. Well equipped with training and social marketing tools, the Bharat Nirman business model enhances the professional growth of every realty agent to outclass their competition.

The Excellence

Get started with our network and unveil all your possibilities of sales and personal escalation. Build your own network; learn new markets and technologies on a global range. Attend events, benefit from expert speakers and trainers from Bharat Nirman to develop new skill sets. Bharat Nirman gives you access to business opportunities from across the 6 states, i.e. Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Odisha. Our exponential branding, proven business models and efficient resources create an edge for our realty agents who effectively utilize the massive networking advantages of a truly powerful brand.

The Technology

To keep up-to-date with the latest technological trends, Bharat Nirman provides advantages to all its realty agents by sourcing training modules, tech tools and smart resources from across the world. Bharat Nirman, as a PAN India real estate marketing platform offers state-of-the-art technology that seamlessly facilitates the agents to accentuate their businesses with prospecting, management and transactions. Ensuring that every agent gets complete support, we makes available upgraded cloud computing technology with powerful lead generation tools, promotional and marketing materials including website templates and personalized mobile apps.

The Culture

When you take charge of your growth, both personal and professional, it is then that you become an entrepreneur. Bharat Nirman, a brand that meets these terms when you wish to run a real estate business offering complete support and flexibility to be in the business more successful. Our property developers/owners and agents, both the parties as entrepreneurs enjoy the flexibility and leverage to operate as a part of a powerful brand. The proven business model is successfully running across the country with over 6 states, 550+ agents; the success is inevitable in just a decade. So, when you partner with a powerful brand, you are already a leader, you learn from the veterans of the company and get inspired by the growth of fellow agents and strive for more.

The Support

Bharat Nirman adheres by an agent-centric philosophy and extending support to boost their career by creating business opportunities. Our realty agents are believed to be the foundation for building their business and they are provided with our unmatched training. In the real estate sector across our operational areas our core mechanism is one of the most perfect agent support system to build profitable business. This mechanism helps our associated developers to gain access to professional realty agents, consultants and expert team leaders.