Prakruti Hills

Project Status : Ongoing
Location : Adjacent to Gangaram Tanda, Karsgutti Village, Nagalgidda Mandal, Narayankhed Taluka, Sangareddy District, Telangana.

Project Overview

Welcome to Prakruti Hills (Phase-1), it’s a 35 Acres of Agroforestry Farmland Venture (First of it's kind Model Project) of Bharat Nirman Limited, the project is venturing at the adjacent of Gangaram Tanda, Karsgutti Village, Nagalgidda Mandal, Narayankhed Taluka, Sangareddy District, Telangana; along the Bidar-Nanded Main Road, it’s a perfect farmland location as well as a great place and soil to yield high returns on land investment. The look and feel is very joyful and every plot of the venture provides a beautiful view of the Nature.

From the investor point of view, our Prakruti Hills Farmland Venture is not just climate friendly but also profitable immensely. For sustainable and guaranteed returns, we focus on 3 types of plantations, i.e. short-term, mid-term and long-term yielding plantation as mentioned below where involve low investment to fetch high returns.


  • High Land Appreciation Area.
  • It’s not only Ordinary Farmland..! It’s an Agroforestry Farmland.
  • Near to 13,500 Acres of NIMZ (National Investments & Manufacturing Zone) SEZ, 6 Lane National Highway No. 161, Bidar Airport, Sangameshwara-Basaveshwara Lift Irrigation Project, etc.
  • Thick Plantation (30 to 45 Plants Per Gunta) of Mahogany, Agarwood, Sandalwood, Redsandal Wood, Malabar Neem, Jatropha, Aloe Vera, Hop Shoots along with Vegetables & Seasonal Fruits.
  • From 3rd Year onwards the entire Project will be linked with Carbon Credits Exchange, Geneva.
  • Through this Agroforestry Method you will get 14 times Returns on Investment (ROI) in 14 years Guaranteedly.
  • One time investment. There is no further Recurring Expenditure on you for the maintenance period of entire 14 years.
  • You can also avail an Interest Free EMI for 3 to 20 Month’s by paying 25% Downpayment.
  • You will get a Family Membership in “Planeteers Club” for 14 years which cost Rs. 50,000/- at Free of Cost.
  • Once you Buy a Farm Plot, you will get Rs. 1/- Lakh worth of Family Health Insurance and Rs. 10/- Lakhs value of Life Insurance for 14 years of Maintenance Period at completely Free of Cost.
  • As a Public Limited Company, we are the only Organization in the Hyderabad Real Estate Market who are Sharing highlight percentage of Returns to it's Plot Owners; i.e. 70% to Plot Owner and only 30% to the Company.
  • Never before – Ever after in the Farmlands Development History, Bharat Nirman Limited creating Associations with all of the Plot Owners to protect their Future Interest, it’ll help both Company and Customers to maintain transparent business practices in the Maintenance Period.
  • In any Emergency Circumstances, you can sell your Plot to anybody at anytime of the 14 years Maintenance period at the rate of Market Value through our Buy Back System, thus this will give you additional comfort.

  • This Venture is adjacent to Karsgutti Village, and has an easy access from Double Road.
  • Within the 17Km range the Biggest NIMZ Project is developing in the rapid speed, where the general public of this location will get more than 1lakh employment.
  • Well-known tourist place of Singur Reservoir back-waters is just about 6Km away.
  • You will reach Bidar Airport within 35Km, 20 minutes drive from this venture.
  • India's biggest Tractors Manufacturing Unit of Mahindra & Mahindra also in a close proximity.
  • Within 6Km distance, the Major Lift Irrigation Project of Sangameshwara-Basaveshwara works are going-on, those canals are going through our Village.
  • Bidar-Nanded expansion Highway is just about 1Km from our Venture.
  • Until the site entrance arch, the Dambar Road is being developed.

    Proud Land Owner:

    Become a Proud Land Owner today with a Small Amount which will yield Exponential Returns in no time. Take advantage of Low Investment Opportunity now. The Plot will get Registered/Sale Deed on Your Name through Dharani Portal, Pattadar Passbook will be issued. You will be eligible for all State and Central Govt. benefits like Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima etc...

    Appreciation of Land Value:

    With the expansion of Hyderabad city boundaries, year-on-year the Land Appreciation value increasing drastically. Grab the Opportunity today and Multiply your Wealth.

    Safety of Investment:

    We are a Public Limited Company and Trustworthy Corporate Agroforestry Farmlands Developer for Safe and Secured Land Investments. A highly valuable plantation which returns high dividends to your money.

    High Returns:

    Reap your Investments with 14X Profits in 14 years while Farm Maintenance and Management at free of cost. Be a Landlord with Consistent Improvement in Land value too, so that you can be rest-assured High Returns with Huge Appreciation on land value.

    Registration of the Plants:

    1st time ever in the Hyderabad Real Estate History, we being a Public Limited Company, registering all the Plants and Saplings in the Name of the Plot owner, thus the Plot owner can be assured that their Plants/Future Trees (which is very costly) are legally his/her own without any future obligations.


  • 1 Gunta (121 Sq. Yards) at just Rs. 1.49 Lakh and 2.5 Guntas (303 Sq. Yards) at Rs. 3.55 Lakhs only (Limited Period Offer / Prices May Increase After Full Developments).
  • Booking Amount Starts from Rs. 10,000/- only.
  • 25% Downpayment for Agreement of Sale and Allotment. For Balance 75% you can avail Interest Free EMI Options.
  • 5% Additional Discount for: Spot Registrations (Within 30 Days), and the same discount will be applicable for Covid Front Line Warriors, Navy, Air Force, Army, Defence Staff.
  • Venture Location

    Prakruti Hills (Phase-1) is located in Adjacent to Gangaram Tanda, Karsgutti Village, Nagalgidda Mandal, Narayankhed Taluka, Sangareddy District, Telangana.