Land Bank Development

Bharat Nirman Limited's Land Bank Development is the practice of buying undeveloped rural lands purely as an investment purpose, ofcourse with no specific plans for its development at the time of purchase. Our investors generally wait for 3 to 5 years for the value of the land to increase, or obtain plan to develop the land, and then sell it at a profit in the form of Agroforestry or Farm Plots. Our Land Bank properties are seen as an attractive investment as it is a finite resource, historically it has increased significantly in value, it just requires little thinking ahead and cannot be lost.

Our most of the land bank is based on the prospect of urban areas expanding at the expense of rural areas, in various parts of the Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka agricultural land is expanding at the expense of virgin land. The purchase of virgin land that has been identified as suitable for agriculture, agroforestry or farm plotting because of its climate, topography and soil properties, in-general this will be land bank development and we do reserve these lands for our future ventures or for sale at higher rates.

We at Bharat Nirman Limited is actively seeking low cost and suitable land of 5,000 acres by 2030 for the development of agroforestry and farm land plotting ventures in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, and are interested in hearing from all interior land owners with land adjoining a small village or within 5km radius from a village where at least 20 feet width road access available. If there is any huge extent of suitable land available with minimum number of owners at a single place that will have the benefit of direct access to investment with substantial funds through Bharat Nirman. If you feel that you may have suitable land for our Land Bank Development activities and are looking to sell, please contact us today and one of our purchase expert will be happy to discuss your land opportunities with you.

As a leading independent land and property investment specialists Bharat Nirman Limited offers expert advice and support to prospective land bank investors to achieve their investment objectives. We will work with both investor and landowner to achieve our common desired goals.