Farm Land Plotting

Bharat Nirman Limited, an unlisted Public Limited company who created a sustainable and profitable Farm Land Plotting business model in the early 2011 which is evolved as a super economic and environmental initiative for all of its stake holders, individual investors and their future generations. By taking up cultivation of Sandalwood, Red Sandal, Malabar Neem, and Agar Wood, we wish to contribute to communities and add value to the lives of those who invested.

Bharat Nirman is the first ever company in the Hyderabad's real estate industry who started farm land plotting ventures through sustainable commercial plantation for great yielding within the stipulated time. We have a decade of practical experience, knowledge and strengths in the field of real estate and have successfully completed several projects in and around Hyderabad. With a rich, vibrant and diverse range of portfolio of ventures, expertise, exposure and experience in the execution of mega projects, possesses the necessary skills and talents, and is uniquely placed to take-up the challenges in future by leveraging its core strengths in various segments such as open plots and agroforestry development, and construction.

At Bharat Nirman, we work with progressive people in creating a profitable and sustainable land development business. Our Promoters and Directors strategies, management approaches to promote commercial farming and derive it profitable, multiple avenues from a single point of small investment. We are acquiring 5,000 acres of dry and fertile lands in the growth corridors of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka to meet our customers' needs and demands. Due to our affordable farm land business model, we believe that even every small family in our region could own a piece of land and make their family and children future sustainable with complete legal recognition.

At Bharat Nirman, we not only sell properties; we regard property as a means for customer to achieve their true wealth, it means we help our customers to invest in their dreams. We do this because we are interested in protecting nature, mother earth and then earning profits for our investors. In this practice, we sell the land to the investors. After completion of land registration on investor's name, we take the same registered land for 12 year on lease with no pay; meanwhile we will do commercial farming of Sandalwood, Malabar Neem, Red Sandal, Agar Wood etc. along with intercrops for regular maintenance. After completion of main crop yielding, we share 70% of the profits to the investor.