Emergence of India as one of the fastest growing economies after China resulted in higher FDI inflows and a number of multi-national companies setting up their facilities to meet the rapidly growing Indian consumer demand and take advantage of cheap labour, thereby, giving a boost to the Indian manufacturing sector, but, was much lesser than the growth of services industry. This has also resulted in development of back-end infrastructure which consists of logistics segment with warehousing forming an integral part of this segment.

Warehousing forms a crucial link in the overall logistics value chain. It accounts for approx 5% of the Indian logistics market and is growing at an annual rate of 10% with the size pegged at ? 500 billion excluding inventory carrying costs. Warehousing also plays an important role in the logistics segment as storage of any type of material whether it is raw material, semi-finished goods, finished goods after production and goods stored at different locations require proper infrastructure in place. This is fulfilled by setting up of right type of warehouses and Bharat Nirman Limited is one of the premium companies in providing a complete warehousing infrastructure solution. The company is transforming the country by partnering with all the leading logistics companies, third-party logistics, individuals etc. in setting up their Warehouses across the country through Pre-engineered Buildings (PEB) and changing the landscape of India’s warehousing industry.

PEB – Leading the Warehousing Construction:

Growing manufacturing activity, rising domestic consumption, increasing international trade, exports and imports, emergence of organized retail in the country, increasing private and foreign investments in infrastructure segment, easing of government regulations are primary factors of the rapid growth of warehousing in India.

In earlier days, warehouses were constructed with traditional brick and mortar construction which was followed by steel building with trusses and other types of sections. But, with the advent of sustainable construction, Pre-engineered Buildings (PEB) technology came into limelight in the warehousing segment and Bharat Nirman closely works with the torchbearers of the technology in India.

Today, Bharat Nirman’s PEB’s & Warehouses vertical stands as a specialized company in the field of logistics infrastructure; now it’s a center of par excellence in concept, design, basic engineering, detailed engineering, planning, procurement, fabrication, erection and complete construction including MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) works; and also we have harnessed our capabilities and have diversified into large scale turnkey contracts.

We invite you to join hands together in this magnificent journey of innovation and inclusive growth...

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