For over a decade, we never sidetracked from the word - Passion Drives Commitment and Commitment Scripts Success..! And have leapfrogged from being just a construction industry player to a million dollar multi-vertical diversified infrastructure conglomerate.

We started our journey with the name Bharat Nirman Limited and have progressed consistently, creating significant value for all our stakeholders. In every company’s history, there comes a time when the need arises, to future-proof the identity of the brand to serve unfolding business opportunities. Today we are not just a construction company. We are a company that contributes to country’s progress through landmark construction projects which demonstrate far-reaching impact - beyond the realm of construction.

Experiencing impressive growth and achieving synergies, we spread our wings beyond the construction space. We offer our services that cut across multiple business verticals to address various facets of infrastructure requirements. As we foray into new business verticals, we leverage insights from over a decade of experience in the construction business. These insights coupled with innovative technology lend us a distinct advantage in taking the challenges head-on.

Going forward, Bharat Nirman Limited is building PAN India businesses that seek to differentiate themselves through customer-centricity, innovation, entrepreneurship, trustworthiness and values-driven business operations, while balancing the interests of diverse stakeholders including shareholders, employees and civil society.

We invite you to join hands together in this magnificent journey of innovation and inclusive growth...

Welcome to Bharat Nirman Limited..!

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