Bharat Nirman Limited is one of the finest Indian railways construction company, it have made a significant contribution to the construction of railway in India and is one of the premium companies in the market. Till date we have completed various projects for Indian Railways included with central railway, east central railway, east coast railway, eastern railway, konkan railway, north central railway, north eastern railway, north western railway, northeast frontier railway, northern railway, south central railway, south coast railway, south east central railway, south eastern railway, south western railway, southern railway, west central railway and western railway.

Bharat Nirman has created a prestigious position by delivering quality terms and best competitive work through outstanding project management skills for railway works. Our major construction services for railways is included with taking overall railway contracts related to construction and improving railway tracks, and overhead electrification works etc.

With our accomplished railway contracting experience Bharat Nirman concentrating and largely working on preliminary engineering like site survey, detailed research based on topography and local factors, railway tracks laying. We avails right track formation, concerns to drainage, preparation of land, ballast process, sleepers made with concrete, offloading of rails, tamping and finishing works. Complete new track formation, gauge conversion, earthworks which are integral part of complete construction. Railway track laying operation and maintenance requires efficient persons and machineries. We help our clients with efficient methods and work accuracy in bridges, freight corridors, railway crossing, railway siding and all relevant works.

Railways infrastructure such as platforms, sheds, railway siding, electrifications, signaling, telecommunication, pavement road works; we also do supply required materials for P-ways, overhead electrification materials etc. For new railway contracts, our construction services include bridge sleepers, restructuring or upgradation of railway yards, platforms and sidings etc. Regular maintenance of railway tracks and operations - including deep screening, complete track renewals (CTR) works, De-stressing for LWR, TSR etc.

Track and rail maintenance: After understanding complete track geometry, takes over railways maintenance work based on annual, monthly basis for railway siding, bridging, track renewal etc. Our track renewal process is involved with De stressing of LWR, turnout renewal, realignment of curve insertion of diamond crossing, regular welding of track joints, manual deep screening etc.

Bharat Nirman is very active and updated with all latest Indian railway market progresses, thus we gives the best construction and maintenance solutions to all railway projects. Full of strength, capacity and quality to offer work done with speed is our USP.

Apart from that, we involved in construction of various Metro Rails to fundamentally change how people commute from one place to another in various cities of the country. Our modern metro rails allowed people to travel in comfort with clean and air-conditioned services. We have ensured our foray into metro rail construction segment is consistent with our core values. This is why we have taken great care to make various metros eco-friendly.

The joy of enjoying nature while sitting on your window seat is unfathomable. But as much as we love the greenery, it still doesn't give us an excuse to be late for work.

We invite you to join hands together in this magnificent journey of innovation and inclusive growth...

Welcome to Bharat Nirman Limited..!

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