Bharat Nirman Limited offers world-class solutions for the construction of Roads & Bridges, relying on a decade of work experience, team expertise, aesthetic excellence and cost efficiency. The company takes immense pride in creating an extraordinary portfolio of road projects that has contributed substantially to the planned development across many regions of the country – where it was needed the most. The company was founded in the year of 2011 and has been growing steadily since then despite of hardships faced by new players in roads sector. With years of experience working with MNC companies and governments, Bharat Nirman has developed broad expertise in the road construction. Our technical experts can show you how to reduce cost, increase performance and road longevity, and improve roadway safety.

We seek growth by investing in a variety of systematically identified businesses, making it a well-diversified conglomerate with interest in a range of road projects such as asphalt and concrete, bridges and culverts including allied civil works related to road projects. Primary the company focused on providing EPC services for road projects across the country. We carry out EPC services for third parties (majorly for Govt. departments and private MNC’s).

Bharat Nirman is active in the construction and maintenance of state highways, national highways, high altitude roads, border roads and hilly terrain roads. We are backed by a network of construction material facilities and machinery equipment. We have a very good team of employees and a perfect work culture to supplement our journey to success. We are open for business with reputed clients for a long lasting and mutually rewarding relation.

At Bharat Nirman highest quality in execution and transparency in operations is our way of life. We are working hard to establish ourselves as a dependable associate to our clients by virtue of our economical and in?time completion of the projects. On time delivery is one of our strong point and we are not exaggerating when we say that we never ran over completion schedules in any of our road projects till date even in typical hilly terrains of Northeastern states. We feel proud to know that we are on the right direction whenever we look back at our relationship with all of our esteemed clients we have worked so far.

We are past the learning curve in execution of road projects and we are reasonably resourceful to take up road projects up to ? 500 crores per annum. We have well enough equipment and comfortable line of credit from bankers to manage healthier working capital requirements. Further we enjoy pre-approvals from equipment financiers to mobilize required plant and machinery in a short notice if required.

We invite you to join hands together in this magnificent journey of innovation and inclusive growth...

Welcome to Bharat Nirman Limited..!

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