Bharat Nirman Limited aims to become the country's leading ethical and sustainable developer of agroforestry land bank, committed to deliver high returns to its investors and stakeholders while benefiting the local community and environment. Putting our best practice in climate, community and biodiversity will help to protect the company's long term returns on investments.

On 10th February 2014 at the opening ceremony of the "World Congress on Agroforestry" held in Delhi, Hon'ble President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee announced a new landmark "National Agroforestry Policy" that will mainstream the growing of agroforestry on private farms to meet a wide range of development and environment related goals. India is the first nation in the world to adopt such a policy, which seeks to overcome many of the obstacles to the adoption of agroforestry in the country, including adverse policies, weak markets and a dearth of institutional finance. Agroforestry is currently practiced on 13.5 million hectares in India, but its potential is far greater. Already an estimated 65% of the country's timber and almost half of its fuel wood come from agroforestry plantations.

Taking this policy changes are an advantage, Bharat Nirman Limited investing in long term high returns yielding agroforestry land bank and agricultural equipment to serve the growth of the forestry plantation. This is one of the most secured and self sustained investment model. This is the right time to invest in agroforestry for great returns in future. The returns also very extraordinary compare it to investment.

Why Bharat Nirman Limited?

Bharat Nirman Limited developing agroforestry projects those are adoptable to any Indian location and accompanying in developing diversified investment opportunities in land bank. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our projects incorporated with unique standards and investment models.

Bharat Nirman's agroforestry land bank projects are combines agriculture and forestry plantations to create more diverse, productive, profitable and sustainable land usage system. In our agroforestry model trees are managed together with crops and/or animal production models. With such multipurpose approaches, agroforestry can be advantageous over conventional agriculture and forestry production methods as it may offer increased productivity and highest economic benefits as well as a higher quality and more diversity in the ecological services provided.

Our team has proven how successful integrated agroforestry approaches can be implemented on the field level. We assist these land bank projects right from land identification; design and implementation with comprehensive maintenance services entire lifecycle of the plantation. We help to identify and develop potential of running projects and to obtain higher and diversified yields as well as a better quality of agroforestry products. Thus we become a proffered agroforestry investment destination to all our investors and stakeholders.

Feasibility and designing:

  • Feasibility reports for agroforestry and CSA (Climate Smart Agriculture).
  • Development of site-adoptable agroforestry plantation concepts.
  • Market research and studies.
  • Business plans.
  • Project scouting for investors.
  • Evaluation of specific locations, soil and water testing's.
  • Yield analyses and potentiality.
  • Due diligence of land legality.
  • Final selection of land.

Project implementation and operations:

  • Registration of land in the name of investor.
  • Apply for updation of revenue records and get passbooks.
  • Development agreement between investor and Bharat Nirman Limited for a period of 15 years.
  • Development of land as per plantation.
  • Field measurements and aerial photography surveys.
  • Sourcing of best-in-class agricultural equipment.
  • Setting-up a permanent and experienced farming family.
  • Land development activities (demarcation and bunds formation, installation of fencing, bore wells, electricity, construction of guest-house and servant quarters, nursery management, drip irrigation, plantation, mortality replacement, maintenance and harvesting).
  • Scientific crop management and consequent healthy growth of the plantations together with robust security to the farm land.
  • Intercrops cultivation for regular maintenances.
  • Marketing strategies and market linkage.
  • Regular supervision and development updates to investors.
  • Live streaming can be implemented if any telecom network supports at farm.

Certification and optimization:

  • Development of integrated agroforestry land bank.
  • Inclusion of alternative benefits (e.g. non-timber forest products, ecotourism, etc.)
  • Development of strategies to foster biodiversity, carbon credits etc.
  • Certifications (UTZ, organic, etc.)
  • Product carbon footprints for agriculture and farm products.

Investor benefits:

  • One time investment.
  • No further expenditure on maintenance.
  • Land price appreciation.
  • Tax less income.
  • Developed land with sophisticated agricultural facilities.
  • Secured project plans.
  • 6 to 7.5% per annum recurring income on investment through intercrops.
  • As an owner of the property always you have all the rights to get crop loans, govt. subsidies and other benefits as usually.
  • As an investor you can enjoy regular organic vegetables, desi-milk and seasonal fruits.
  • Extraordinary returns in stipulated time through agroforestry plantation.
  • At the end of the harvest period, proceeds to be handed over to the investor. The returns will be divided between the investor and Bharat Nirman Limited on 75:25 percent bases (75% to investor and 25% to Bharat Nirman)

Whether you're looking to gain extraordinary returns on investment, or simply want to diversify your investments portfolio, this sector-based strategy can help you to find your next investment opportunity.

The best investment on earth is... THE EARTH. Be a smart investor; turn small investment to huge eco profits - it’s easier then you think. We invite you to join hands together in this magnificent journey of innovation and inclusive growth.

Welcome to Bharat Nirman Limited..!