Since its inception in 2011, Bharat Nirman Limited has been prominently transforming the lives of happy families across the city by creating futuristic apartment projects. Today, Bharat Nirman has grown to be a leading apartment's construction company in Hyderabad. We take immense pride in our solid relationships and reputation built on performance towards customer delight. With a mission to bring in world-class developments in the sector, we constantly strive to improve the quality of life for our customers by maintaining balance with the environment. Bharat Nirman caters to a diverse product portfolio of apartment projects including Premium Class Apartments, High Rise Apartments, Gated Community Apartments and many more.

Bharat Nirman is highly regarded for its transparency, fair play, and integrity. Each and every aspect of our apartment projects is fine-tuned with the expertise of all our team members and consultants. At Bharat Nirman, we believe in delivering complete satisfaction - in terms of service, quality, and value for money. Our apartment homes clearly indicate that we strive to create architectural masterworks which are a reflection of our creativity and engineering excellence. Many more apartment projects are underway at various prime locations in and around Hyderabad.

We also aim to build apartments which make you living healthier and happier. This is one of the main reasons why every apartment project that we construct, conforms to the basic 4 Point Standard: The Quality of Air, usage of Natural Sun Light, Water Conservation and Good Health. Apart from helping our customers save over 30% on electricity and water consumption, these 4 Point Standard apartment makes you lives healthier by almost 20%.

Our Apartment Projects

Srivari Nilayam

Status : Upcoming

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Om Heights

Status : Upcoming

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